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Birthday Massacre 2006 Bootleg DVD!
Avaliable for free, The Birthday Massacre's Live Bootleg DVD is a set of twelve tracks from the Broken Minds tour. Shot, cut, and proudced by TBMChicago's Eric Ingrum, the songs were all captured during one of the many 2006 performances he attended while helping promote the nation wide tour. After shelving the footage for an entire year, it was finally edited during the corse of a single week. Marathon editing sessions where made in an effort to complete the DVD in time to give the final copy to the band at their last show of the 2007 tour.

Only twenty-five copies were made, under the agreement that only the band, Eric, and their mutual friends would recieve them. A YouTube video showing a bit of the process and final product was posted shortly after. An incredible amount of interest in the "Making of" video eventually prompted an agreement to release the entire DVD online.
Full DVD Download
Get the Torrent
Use the above torrent to download and burn your own copy of the DVD. If you'd rather download Individual tracks, see below. A DVD quality mp4 of the entire show will also be online soon.
Video List
Broken Minds 2006 Bootleg DVD Tracklist:

Release Date Tracklist Time
2008-02-01 01. Horror Show 3:39
2008-01-01 02. Nevermind 4:27
2007-11-29 03. Violet 3:45
2008-03-09 04. Under the Stairs 4:17
2008-04-01 05. To Die For 5:29
2008-05-13 06. Lover's End 4:19
2007-10-25 07. Kill the Lights 3:43
2008-06-01 08. Holiday 5:17
2008-07-01 09. The Dream 4:01
2008-08-01 10. Happy Birthday 3:40
2008-09-01 11. Video Kid 4:25
2008-10-01 12. Broken 4:22
Extra Features
2008-01-05 Making of 2006 Bootleg DVD 4:14

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