Looking Glass Now Online!

The new video for Looking Glass is now online. You can check it out here.

The video was filmed on February 10th and 11th of 2008. You’ll be able to grab the hi-res version on the Looking Glass EP, due out May 6th.

Director Dan Ouellette has this to say:

In Early August the band contacted me about doing another video. I was thrilled, of course. Many positive professional exchanges grew out of making the Blue video, as well as many compliments.
I began sketching out ideas and looking through visual material that inspires me. Many concepts were developed and presented to the band in the fall of 2007. Eventually through a series of emails, it was decided that a story set in a school would best suit the song and the album. The challenge was, how to do a video set in a school that was unique… many music videos are set in schools. The band toured Europe and I set to work. Upon their return, I had many drawings of student masks for them to review. Ultimately all my mask designs were rejected (for various reasons I won’t discuss here!)… forcing us to push our November shoot date into 2008.

A new mask was designed, presented and approved… and then the work of making all the 35 masks began. I worked (with some holiday help from Turpana Molina, Samantha Levin and Jason Goldman) over the course of November and December. The orginal mask was sculpted in clay and a plaster positive was pulled. That was refined and then a final mold was created. Each mask involved a long process of multiple layers of liquid plastic applied to the mold.

The cracked masks were derived from a new mold made of a cracked mask. All of these then needed to be hand painted, with pig tail balls, bows and straps added.

In the meantime, extras were culled from TBM’s fan base by Samantha, while Jason began the challenging process of setting up crew, location, budget and equipment for our two day shoot on a tight budget and Charlotte Kruse tirelessly sewed all the school uniforms. The shoot went gloriously well thanks to a great crew and very patient extras… and of course, TBM being very cool, as expected. Sam Chase was our main DP although we had 3 additional cameramen. Everyone contributed and did a great job. I began editing immediately following this, with a ton of great footage at my disposal. Things wrapped up in mid-March… which means I worked on this for about 7 1/2 months!

Note to self: I’ve got to stop doing these labors of love!!

I hope everyone enjoys it!