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TBMChicago is site about The Birthday Massacre that’s as large as it is old. Started in 2005, the Chicago based Birthday Massacre site acted as an early street team, promotional hub, and download location. It produced The Birthday Massacre Bootleg live concert film in a time when online video of the band was scarce to none. Enjoy the archive of information!

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    Latest Update from Andi Mihai

    ChibiWhen Alice and I launched TBMChicago 2.0, we stated that this website was in no way finished — that we would be constantly adding new features and content. In the month since our launch, we have been faithful to our promise.

    The paramount feature to the site has been our new member’s system — a kind of Myspace without the drama, annoying adverts, and even more annoyingly buggy code. On it, you can edit and maintain your own profile, which is connected to the photo and fan art section. That way, you are directly connected to everything you upload — no photoshopping your name onto each and every photo. This is seamless and clean. Alice is currently working on a comments function so that the member’s section will be that much more interactive.

    Speaking of the photos section, we’ve php’d our way into a massive photo database. I’m sure everyone remembers how in the old days; TBM photos were scattered about the internet, and whoever had the most photos to share was the community’s most revered. Now, with this database, everyone has access to most, if not all, the photos — everyone is equally revered. Or, so that’s what we plan. We have the largest TBM photos database online right now, but we are nowhere near having most of the TBM photos on the internet. That’s where you come in — if you go to a concert and snap a few photos, swing by this site, set up a profile if you haven’t already done so, and upload your photos. The process is quick, painless, and you are garunteed credit. Here’s the best part: the system automatically resizes your photos. You can just select them straight from your camera, upload them here, and you have web-page friendly photos that you can share all over the internet. No hassle. No mess.

    And we have not forgotten about the tour. Alice set up a php database that contains every TBM show ever. That’s not all — this database is linked to the photos database, so every photo associated with a particular show is linked onto the page. And it gets better — as a member, you can record which shows you’ve been to. You can keep a track record for your own use and, at the same time, let people know where you’ve been — exchange stories and photos. It’s a great way to reminsice and plan. We’re the most reliable place to go to if there has been a show cancellation or a venue change. Just go to News, and select shows. It’s that easy.

    And there’s still more to come, so stay tuned!