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Mac Users: There’s an even better choice for you – Safari.

Here’s some other technology we strongly support:


A great email client from the makers of Mozilla Firefox. It’ll save all your email to your harddrive, check your web email for you, and makes it easy to find anything in the history of any of your emails. An excellent alternative to MS Outlook.


If you have more than 100 songs on your computer, you NEED iTunes. It’s the one stop solution for digital music collections. This software makes it easy to organize all your songs and even includes album art. It’s on both PC and Mac.

Media Player Classic

NO, not Windows Media Player. Media Play Classic (also known as the-best-player-ever) is an open source video player that just happens to look like the old windows player. It’ll play everything, given the right codecs. It’s small, fast, and doesn’t suck.


Here’s a fairly new client for downloading torrents. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s probably the smalles client on the web. Ditch that resource hog you’re using now and get this.