Chibi With an Update!

Chibi just sent out an update – 

First of all…

I want to thank each and every one of you for submitting your photographs, thoughts, and kindnesses to this little scrapbook. I would also like to thank Miss Kristi so much for putting it together. What a great idea, and a nice surprise… a lot of work went into this, and a lot of good wishes and thoughtfulness. All of us would like to thank you so much, for making such a nice present for us.
And as for updates…

I am very happy to report that the dreaded word “soon” is back!!! We’ve all been juggling things a lot, our private lives and tour recovery and looking into the future, and working very hard. I can tell you this… we will have a new record, stay tuned for more details. We will have some new music available very soon, stay tuned for this as well. Check our Myspace, check here, things are coming SOON!

And also have a look in this month’s Rolling Stone Magazine. The one with Snoop Dogg in a Santa suit on the cover. There’s a little bit of us in there, have a look… hehehehe….


I personally have not been online much lately, and my new goal is to remedy that and get back into the swing of what’s happenin’. I may even *finally* login to my Myspace!

I hope everyone is doing well, and again… new things. Coming. Soon!!!! Again, please check back….